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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

We are a Medicare Part B provider. We also offer private pay caregiver consulting services and ongoing wellness plans for clients after discharge.  

Where will services be provided?

Services will be provided either in-home or online. In-home services are offered in Charlottesville & Albemarle Counties, and teletherapy is available to all Virginia residents.

Is an evaluation required prior to services beginning?

Yes.  Evaluations are needed in order to create the most effective treatment plan.

What ages do you work with?

Currently we offer therapy for adults and geriatrics only. 

Do I need a referral? Where do I send a referral?

No. Prospective clients or their families can contact us directly to schedule the initial consultation. Referrals can be emailed or faxed to Jennifer.

Fax: 434-280-3743

What does a speech-language pathologist do?

"But there’s nothing wrong with the way I talk.”  -   This is a common sentiment many speech-language pathologists may hear, specifically when working with the adult population. The scope of practice for SLPs extends beyond the treatment of disorders affecting speech production. SLPs are specifically trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ALL aspects of communication, and swallowing disorders. SLPs may work with people of all ages and in a variety of settings (e.g., schools, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities).

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